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What do we offer

A guaranteed investment alternative with high rates of return.

5 Important Facts About MJSSA

1. MJSSA has direct access to capital markets and the expertise to take advantage of them on your behalf.

2. MJSSA offers clients safety, ease of access and (100-300%) higher yields than comparable fixed rate investments.

3. We provide the security of a fixed income over a defined period of time.

4. Investors have found peace of mind associated with safety, through high yield guaranteed investments that create true wealth in just a few years.

5. Every structured settlement/lottery we offer is backed by a Major Insurance Company or Government Treasury Strips.

Our specialities

MJ Structured Settlement Annuities offers investors an investment option that delivers a guaranteed, fixed income stream over a defined period of time. 

Secondary Market Annuities & Lotteries offered by MJSSA provide a conservative investment opportunity with a consistently higher rate of return than CD’s, bonds, or money market funds.Our Secondary Market Annuities & Lotteries allow you to customize your income now and later!

At MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, we play a vital role in assisting our clients with the creation of a financial plan for the future which offers financial security and a worry-free lifestyle.


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