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Welcome to MJ Structured Settlement Annuities

MJSSA offers investors an Annuity investment option that delivers a guaranteed, fixed income stream over a defined period of time.

Secondary Market Annuities offered by MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, Inc., provide a conservative investment opportunity with a consistently better rate of return than CDs, bonds or money market funds. Our Secondary Market Annuities allow you to customize your income now or later!

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Structured Settlement Annuities

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MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, Inc.
Secondary Market Annuities Success Stories
Success Stories
R. Feldman of Fort
Lauderdale needed to diversify his retirement
portfolio and get higher yields....
MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, Inc.
Facts about Structured Settlement Annuities
Settlement Annuity
Must Have Facts
This is the list that will give you all you need to be educated about Structured Settlement Annuities. Find out more now!”
MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, Inc.
Structured Settlement
Annuities 101
The Basics
An annuity is a contract between you (the annuity owner) and an insurance company. In return …
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MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, Inc.
Is a Structured
Settlement Annuity
for me?
For the right investor, annuities can be an exceptional complement to a well rounded portfolio - they have the advantage …
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MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, Inc.
After meeting Todd my life changed. Now I don’t worry about retirement and I earn more.  MJ truly has made a huge difference…
Making an Investment Difference
MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, Inc.
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MJ Structured Settlement Annuities Offers a Higher and Safer Rate of Return. Hoping to invest money for your retirement or your grandkids’ education? No worries! You can....

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MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, Inc.


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